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    ALL TILES are only $10 a sq/m regardless of original $$$$

    Luxury European tiles at a fraction of the cost you will pay elsewhere.

    We call them NAKED TILES because they’ve lost their boxe(r)s!!

    They still have their designer labels though and within our collection you will discover porcelain & ceramic tiles from:

    Marazzi (Italy) Gail (Germany) Paray (France)

    Romastone (Italy)


    and many more

    Our Naked-Tiles may or may not have a box and may have a gum leaf or two on them, BUT THEY ARE PERFECT A+++ QUALITY TILES (NOT SECONDS) and we are selling them at a fraction of their normal price.

    They've been outside so some will need a rinse.

    Pick up from Trentham Vic or reasonable delivery rates



    Aussie Supply Company

    Emerald Green Glass Wasp Trap Simply Stunning

    Normal price $15.00

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